Native Web
Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World 11/9/99
Information Resources for Native American Studies
Information Resources for Native American Studies 10/21/99
University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville Native American/ American Indian Sources
Programs and Resources for Native American Elders
Programs and Resources for Native American Elders 11/16/99
Native American Network
A meeting place for all the nations to talk with each other [Under Construction] 11/1/99
Native American Resources
This web site is companion to the special report (hyperlink in red below this paragraph) commissioned by the U.S. Agency for International Development during 1998 to prepare for their work with indigenous peoples worldwide, with emphasis on South American
Stanford American Indian Organization
Coming Soon to a Cluster Hard Drive Near You: The Stanford American Indian Organization WEBSITE 1999-2000 11/17/99
Wisdom Keepers, Inc.
To learn, therefore preserve and perpetuate the traditions, values, and skills of the native people of the world, and to pass that wisdom on to others by: developing and promoting educational modules and programs for girls and boys ages 6-18
Native American Research and Training Center
The Native American Research and Training Center (NARTC) was established in 1983 by The University of Arizona Board of Regents and serves as a national resource for Native American communities and for persons working with Native American populations,
NativeWeb - an Internet Community
Excellent resource 11/11/99
Rose's Native American Home Page
Anin (hello), and welcome to my web page, my name is Rose Edwards, I am an Ojibwa Indian from the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC). My Indian names are Wauwaushkaesh (wah-wah-ski-see) Little Deer which was given to me by my Grandfather when I was a child
First Nations Site Index...
Comprehensive set of links! 11/17/99
Northern California Indian Development Council
(NCIDC) - Providing statewide services to California Indians 11/17/99
Native American Elder Janet McCloud & Sapa Dawn
At Sapa Dawn Center we empower Indigenous families, especially youth, by promoting education, health and social justice. We strive to acquire, develop and conserve resources to achieve social self-sufficiency for families. Additionally,
SpruceRoots Magazine
- [BAD LINK - 02/08/05]
A monthly journal providing perspectives and promoting discussion on issues that affect Haida Gwaii
Center For World Indigenous Studies Home Page
- [BAD LINK - 02/08/05]
The Underlying Principle Guiding CWIS is: Access to knowledge and peoples' ideas reduces the possibility of conflict and increases the possibility of cooperation between peoples on the basis of mutual consent. By democratizing relations between peoples.
Midwest Treaty Network - contents
An alliance of Indian and non-Indian groups supporting Native American sovereignty 11/17/99
The Plant Tracker
Botanical database The Field, Penpol, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 0NG, England Telephone Bodmin (+44 1208) 873554 11/17/99
Voices of the Wintercount
- [BAD LINK - 02/08/05]
This site is dedicated to sharing the thoughts, ideas, and words of traditional Native American people. These are original, unedited comments by real people, taking a stand for their way of life. 11/17/99.
Warrior Spirit
"An Electronic Journal for Native Americans and Their Supporters" 11/17/99
Indigenous Environmental Network main subject page
"An alliance of Indigenous Peoples empowering Indigenous communities towards sustainable livelihoods, environmental protection of our lands, water, air and maintaining the sacred Fire of our traditions." 11/19/99
Native American Ethnobotany Database
Native American Ethnobotany Database Foods, Drugs, Dyes, and Fibers of Native North American Peoples.
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet - WWWVL American Indians
WWW Virtual Library - American Indians Index of Native American Resources on the Internet 11/19/99
The University of Arizona Library SABIO Information Gateway
The University of Arizona Library SABIO Information Gateway 11/19/99
Kwai, Kwai, Sago, Hello and Welcome! This site is dedicated to the interests of Native Peoples of the UnitedStates, Canada, Mexico, and Central America. It exists for one purpose and one purpose only - to promote their interests.
The American Indian Source
The site seeks to promote the sharing of the past, present and future tribal life.
- [BAD LINK - 02/08/05]
“Since the time that human beings offered thanks for the first sunrise, sovereignty has been an integral part of indigenous peoples’ daily existence.
Native Rainbows brings 10 years experience in the field of authentic Native American items such as Music, Books, Herbs, (Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass, etc.), Flutes, Drums, Rattles, Crafts, Blankets and Gifts.
The portal for aboriginal people.

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