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High Speed DSL Available
Wild Apache now has high-speed DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) service available in the Verde Valley, Sedona, Flagstaff, Prescott, Phoenix, and other towns in Arizona.

Features of DSL:

  • High Speed Internet Access - 256kbps-7Mbps
  • No wasted time dialing - just click and you're on instantly
  • 24 hour "always on" access, no time limits
  • Use telephone and internet at the same time on the same line

DSL has the following requirements:

  • A digital "DSL" modem
    • internal, requiring the use of firewall software
    • external, firewall is built-in to modem
    • either USB or Ethernet connection to computer
      [Qwest will rent modem for $5.00 per month or you can purchase your own]
  • Phone service must be through Qwest.
  • Most PCs require a Network Interface Card (NIC or Ethernet Card)
    Most Macs do not require a NIC

To register, please call the Wild Apache offices at (928) 202-4434.

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