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User Agreement
$19.95 per month    [no setup fee]
  • Up to 200 hours connect time per month (over 200 hours billed at $0.50/hr.)
  • 5 free e-mail aliases or 2 email accounts
  • Up to 15 megabytes homepage storage (non-commercial content only)
  • Extra email accounts available (same dialup) for $5 each/mo.
  • Family Associate Accounts (additional dialup account) available for additional $15 per month (same household)
Wild Apache Lite
$9.95 per month     [no setup fee]
  • E-mail ONLY
Commercial Account
$35 per month   + $50 one-time setup fee

example:   wildapache.net/mybusiness

  • Includes Standard Account
  • Commercial Content okay
  • Up to 30 megabytes web page storage
  • 4 extra e-mail accounts included
  • e-mail received at  username@wildapache.net
Web Domain
Commercial Account
$35 per month  +  $50 one-time setup fee

example:   mybusiness.com

  • Standard Commercial Business Account (see above) plus...
  • Domain name registration assistance (Internic charges apply)
  • receive e-mail at your own domain.  example:     username@mybusiness.com

Note: No servers or "bots" (robot programs) allowed with with dialup accounts.

Internet Content Filtering
  • Available for any of the above accounts for Free. additional
  • Filters out pornographic and objectionable sites on the Internet
Web Site Design
WEB PAGE/SITE DESIGN & PRODUCTION: (1 hour minimum) $75.00/hr

1. Page Size:

  • 800 pixels X 1200 pixels

2. Graphics:

  • All images supplied by client and to be “camera ready”
  • 1 logo scan and 5 image scans included in minimum charge
  • Extra scans billed at $7.00
  • Image manipulation billed at $75.00/hr

3. Text:

  • All text supplied by client in text file OR typeset/typewritten

4. Quality control:

  • Initial proofing pass after rough design created
  • Final proofing pass when design 90% complete
  • Final proofing & sign off prior to publishing

WEB PAGE/SITE MAINTENANCE: (1 hour minimum) $75.00/hr

1. Maintenance consists of:

  • Updating text and/or graphics from data supplied by client

NOTE: Additional hours billed at $75.00/hr.

  • Occasional maintenance is permitted (as needed)


    Initial consultation (1 hour) included in minimum charge.
    Initial consultation will include concept, design, & graphics choices

Frame Relay
"Always Online"
Hi-speed Account
High Speed 56k Frame Relay or 128K ISDN

Call for options and pricing

  • Fast connection to the internet
  • Always online, no wasted connection time
  • Internet Content Filtering available on a per-site basis
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Note: We reserve the right to change rates and services offered from time to time.